May 25, 2011

Sweet Ribbon Barrettes - How To

I hope every one's having a good week!

Recently I made some ribbon barrettes for my two girls.
They're so easy + inexpensive to make that I just had to share them with you.

First off, if you need some cute ribbon, go check out Target's dollar spot.
For a buck you can pick up ribbon like this.
Each color of ribbon is only long enough to make two of these barrettes.
{But the entire thing would allow you to make up to 12 barrettes.}

You'll also need some hair clips.
I buy these kind of clips at Sally's hair supply store.
This box comes with 100 clips and costs just a little over five dollars.
Great deal!

Just take a clip and simply hot glue some ribbon around it.
I like to start from the inside and then wrap it all the way around and back inside again on the other side.
Make sense???

Here's the finished product.
Simple, right?

Now you can leave your clip just like that or you can go further
and add a little embellishment to it.

Cut another piece of ribbon about two and a half times as long as the clip.
You can choose the same color of ribbon that you wrapped the clip up with or you can get a little crazy like me and pick some ribbon with a different pattern for the embellishment.

Fold the ribbon over twice so it looks something like the picture above and add a couple small dobs of glue in there to make it stay.
Then glue the whole thing onto the center of the clip.

Cut another piece of ribbon about half the length of the clip.
Again, it can be the same ribbon the barrette was originally wrapped in or you can choose a contrasting pattern like I did.

Pinch the barrette open and wrap the small piece of ribbon around the center of the clip.

Love it.

These barrettes are so cute on little girls.
They would also make a sweet little gift for a baby shower or for a little girl's birthday.

On another note...
can you see I had a little helper this morning as I was taking pictures for this post?
Trying to be like mom. What a cutie!


Robin said...

Oh how cute! I have a two little girls that would love me to make them some! Thanks for the great tut! said...

These are so cute!!! My almost 1 year old cousin is just now getting enough hair to wear cute clips like this - I'm going to make it for her birthday next week! :)
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