May 18, 2011

Spring Into Summer Mantle

Just a little under four weeks from now, my kiddos will be out of school for summer break.
I'm sooo looking forward to this.
I can't wait to enjoy my kids without being on a super strict schedule.
And I will NOT miss having to make three trips to their school every day for drop offs and pick ups.

So because summer is quickly approaching, I decided to make a few little decorating changes to my fireplace mantle to help ring in the new season.

I didn't make a lot of changes when it came to switching from a spring decorated mantle
{like from this post} 
to a summer decorated mantle.
Just tiny tweaks.
I kept the green wheat grass in the one dollar target pails, because bright green grass and pails totally remind me of summer.

...but I did switch out the existing spring hurricanes with 
my new thrift-ed hurricanes from Goodwill.
I filled each hurricane with a star fish {Micheal's $4.00 ea.}
and made some 'rope' to go under each star fish by braiding together about six long pieces of twine.
{I'm luv'n these small little summery changes!}

And I just have to say, that although my mantle is ready for summer, my kiddos are ready for summer, and I'm ready for summer...the weather around here apparently hasn't quite gotten our memo.
It still feels like march weather around these parts.

Oh-well, I'm sure it will warm up in no time!
Have a great week!

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Julia said...

Robin, your mantle looks beautiful! I am adding little summer touches everywhere, too....even though it is so chilly here! I love the wheat grass in the tin pails.

Boy, we are so ready to be a little less busy and enjoy some warmer weather:). Hope you have a great weekend, too!


PS: I really love your new is darling!

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