May 30, 2011

T-ball Party

The weatherman was predicting a chance of rain, but luckily, as most weatherman predictions go...
he was wrong!
Saturday we had glorious sunny weather, and got to enjoy a great end of the season party with the Paw Socks t-ball team.

{Husband - coach,  six year old son - one of the players.}

The party was held in our backyard.
The little t-ballers and their families were greeted into the backyard with this homemade sign and balloons in the team's colors.

The sign was super simple to make.
I printed "Welcome Paw Sox" in giant letters onto card stock, cut the letters out individually {by hand}, and strung them together with twine.

Two long tables were set up for all the food.
I draped them in two blue dollar store plastic table cloths.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, we hung our American flag over the deck.
{Which made a great backdrop!}

In the center of the serving table I placed a large glass container and filled it with baseballs.
The silverware was all placed in popcorn containers {also found at the dollar store}, which also seemed summer-y and baseball-y to me.
{Just a portion of the tables and chairs set up for the afternoon.}
We had a really great turn out!

We set up several activities in the backyard to keep all the boys and their siblings entertained while the parents chit chatted.

One of them was this pitching stand that my husband made out of some left over plywood and chicken wire he found in our garage.

{The bucket of balls just waiting to be thrown into the pitching stand.}

We had some great American fun this weekend.

How about you?
Did you have any fun plans this Memorial Day weekend?
Do tell.
P.S. - I'm so grateful for our country and for all those who have and who continue to fight for it's freedoms.


tharker said...

Oh my, such a cute party!! I love the popcorn containers as flatware holders. I usually go all sorts of tacky and use a paper cup. :) Your idea is much better! said...

I love your blog! Such a sweet website. And this party looks too cute - I bet the boys were just in heaven with the baseball activities! Very cute decorations on your part. Looks like fun!
Star Hughes Living

Stefanie said...

What a fun party and decorations!

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