Jun 13, 2011

Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer

...have begun.

School got out last Friday.  Yipee!!!
This means that summer vacation has officially begun at our house.

Today it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees {finally!} so we broke out the slip n' slide.
Pretty soon I'm going to break out a bunch of popsicles for my kiddos and the visiting neighbor kids.
And then I'm going to go find my missing flip flops and break those out too. :)

Hellooooo Summer!!!


Mommy Minded said...

I so wish it was 80 here! My car said 101 yesterday!

tharker said...

Hooray for summer! (and it *finally* feeling like summer!)

www.StarHughes.com said...

So happy it's summer!! The slip n' slide is one of my favorite summer memories!
Star Hughes Living

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Slip n' Slides, flip flops and popsicles . . . the perfect summertime combination!!! I just found your blog and look forward to catching up on past posts. : )

~ Wendy

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