Aug 8, 2011

August....the last stretch of Summer.

During this last lovely month of summer...

+ I'm pushing My kids are racing to finish their summer reading to win prizes at our local library.  {Our goal is to read 100 minutes worth of bed time stories tonight so that we can finish on time!!! Yikes!!}

++  We are finishing up our back to school shopping.  {By the way, does anyone know what pee-chees are??? It was on my third graders school supply list.  Gotta remember to google what the heck that is.}

+++ I've been a bad mommy and have stuck my kiddos in front of the t.v. with a netflix movie {or two or three} more than once this month so that I could get a few random projects around the house done.  Just some touch up paint on the walls, sanding and caulking of some board and batten molding...boring stuff.

++++ We're planning on going to the river with the family a time or two so the kiddos can collect broken shells and the hubs and I can hang out and soak our feet in the cool water. A picnic lunch at the river would be nice too.  :)

+++++ The hubs and I are taking a trip to Salt Lake City this month. All. A-lone.  He'll be in work conferences during most of the day while we are there and then in the evening we'll get to spend time together with some family and some really great old friends.  

++++++ While the hubs is sitting in a booooring conference room, I'm going to be HERE and HERE.
Neither of these stores are very close to where we live so this kind of shopping experience is going to be a real treat!  This is a sampling of some of the things on my shopping/wish list:

 rug :: ikea
{for the kitchen}
 storage boxes :: ikea
{to help organize my messy craft/game/misc. closet}
 pendant light fixture :: ikea
{for the kitchen... above the sink}
 wooden planter box :: ikea
{for a cute little plant next to the big window in the kitchen}
 hand rings :: ikea
{This would be a fun addition for our kiddos swing set.}

How's the last stretch of your summer winding down?
I hope you're able to squeeze in as many relaxing + fun long summer days as you can during the next few weeks, before they disappear!
Have a lovely week everyone!!!


Leslie said...

Have a great time in SLC!!! If you are ever down the Provo way...we would love to see you. Kynsie and I were so sad we missed you the last time.

DeAnne said...

Don't you remember Pee-chee folders??? Anyway, that's what they are, a folder is all. Now back to the rest of your post. (love that picture at the beginning)

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

Ohhh, ok. thanks DeAnne. I totally love that picture too! Makes me wish I was there right now.

Leslie, we'd love to see you guys! We'll get ahold of you when we are there to set up a time to get together!

Annie said...

kept seeing your stuff on pinterest, had to follow your blog!! i'm loving everything on here ;)
hope you are having a great summer/august/week! :)

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