Jul 28, 2011

Summer Wildflowers

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer this year.
I know I am.
You can probably tell {by my lack of posts recently}, that I've been blogging less and relaxing more.
I just figure that the summer of 2011 only happens once.
The summer where my children are eight, six, and three will only happen once.
I don't want to forget it. 
I want to live it.

Normally, not getting any projects around the house done or not blogging more regularly would totally bug me. 
But surprisingly {at least for me}, this summer I'm not bugged about it. 
No sir-e bob. 
I've been perfectly happy lately to wake up early, do a quick work out at the gym, take my kiddos to swim lessons, and then fill up the rest of our day with no real particular plan. 
Whether it be playing in the water, eating popsicles, reading books with the kiddos, playing with cousins, playing board games with the family, taking short walks for a local donut run, whatever ...it's summer. 
The one time of year that we don't have to live on a strict schedule.

I've totally enjoyed growing a garden this year too.
We've planted lots of vegetables + cilantro + wildflowers.
I've never planted wildflowers before.
But a friend gave me one of those wildflower seed packets from Target's dollar section, so I planted them in the spring.
I think I'll be planting wildflowers in our garden every spring.
They are beautiful and there is nothing better than decorating your home with a bundle of free flowers from the garden.


KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Wowzer those turned out nicely!! I wish I'd have had a spot to put them... next year we'll have to keep our eyes out for those little packets in the dollar section! Fingers crossed I'll have my elevated garden beds by next year...although I want window boxes for flowers too...we'll see. Why does everything have to cost $$$?!! Dang! ;)

Makayla said...

Your backyard looks amazing! Trade you, minus my watermelon patch of course.

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

Ha,ha Makayla! I'm glad your watermelons are growing well! Next time you come to WA you'll have to see our yard. It's come a loooong way baby!

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