Jul 19, 2011

How to Make the Most out of Cilantro from the Garden

The only herb I have ever grown in my garden is cilantro.  We love using it to make homemade salsa!
{I'll have to share our recipe with you another time.}

Last summer, I showed you here how I preserve my cilantro so that it lasts us throughout the fall/winter months.

This summer, I'm going to share anther use you can get out of home grown cilantro, besides cooking with it. 

After the cilantro gets chopped off with some scissors a few times {to use for cooking/preserving, etc.} it will get a little over grown and it will start to flower.  You can use it's little white flowers to make cute little flower arrangements!!!  {The smell can be a little intoxicating if you get too close, but it looks so pretty!}

I found the medium sized round vase {shown above} at the dollar tree today.  And can you believe that I saw school supplies and Halloween decorations galore already being featured there!  Geez Louise!  I'm still trying to enjoy summer here people!

Anyway, ...back to the cilantro flowers, adding a couple sliced lemons to the bottom of the vase gives the whole arrangement some additional summer zest.  I love it!

And I'm still loving summer so I'm going to ignore the fact that the Fall season {which I do honestly love but am not yet ready for} is being pushed on us by retailers so soon.

Happy Summer my dear readers!


Tulip and Turnip said...

That looks terrific! My mom has tons of flowering cilantro...I'll have to go pick some. Although, I prefer to eat it! YUM!

thomastorres01 said...

Love it! It looks good enough to eat! :)

Kasas_Aka said...

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Randi said...

I had no idea cilantro could have little flowers-cute! If I grew it, it would probably be gone before it got to that point ;)

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