Jul 16, 2011

Wheat Grass Tutorial

I've had more than a few requests lately for a wheat grass tutorial.
So here you go!

Supplies needed:
hard red wheat  ::  potting soil  ::  water

Soak wheat overnight in a bowl of water.
The next morning, fill your pot with potting soil and sprinkle your soaked wheat over the top of the soil.
Lightly water and continue to keep the soil damp.
I like to use a spray bottle to do this.
I keep my potted wheat grass on my kitchen counter so I just give the soil/wheat a few squirts with the spray bottle every time I'm doing the dishes.
{I'm terrible at keeping plants watered so this helps me to remember the best.}

Before you know it you'll see the wheat begin to sprout.

And there you have it!
Isn't it so easy!?!

Just FYI:
I bought my wheat at Winco in their bulk section.
But if you don't have a Winco near you, you can buy hard red wheat at most health food stores or stores that have a bulk section.

You can use wheat grass to add to the decor of your home or you can blend it in a food processer to use in smoothies for extra health benefits.

{So far I have only used wheat grass for decor.  When it starts to grow too tall, I trim it with some scissors.
I also replant it about every three weeks to keep it looking fresh and super green.}
Any questions?  Just ask in the comments below.
Have a great weekend Everyone!


Shelly said...

Thanks for the tutorial! I saw this patriotic stars tutorial and thought of your mantle. It's a little late, but maybe for next year.


Alicen said...

This is a really dumb question, but does the pot need to have a hole to drain the water on the bottom? I would assume so, but didn't know if I could just use a decorative pot. thanks for this tutorial, I've always wondered how to sprout wheat!

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

I have only ever used decorative pots {usually those cute/cheap white ones from ikea}, and I have no problem growing wheat grass. Not that some drainage in your pots wouldn't help. ;)

TANIA said...

Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!

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