Jul 14, 2011

Do Something For You

I love my job as a mother. 
I love that being a mother stretches me and my abilities to serve others. 
Particularly my family. 

I wouldn't be as patient as I am today if it wasn't for my family. 
I wouldn't be as selfless today if it wasn't for my family. 
I wouldn't be as good of a listener as I am today if it wasn't for my family. 
I wouldn't be as compassionate as I am today if it wasn't for my family. 
I wouldn't be as forgiving as I am today if it wasn't for my family. 
I wouldn't be many things that I am today if it wasn't for my family. 
While I am not by any means perfect in any of these areas, I am better in all of these areas today because of my family. 

That being said...
Sometimes I need to do something just for me to rejuvenate my soul so that I feel refreshed.
Ready to conquer whatever life as a busy mom may throw at me.
And be able to do it with a smile still on my face. {wink, wink}

Last week I met up in the beautiful state of Pennsylvania with my lovely sister in-laws/mother in-law for some all girl fun + girl-talk.

We did all the things girls typically do when they get together.
We went and saw a movie, we went out to eat, we went shopping, and most nights we stayed up way too late talking.
But we also got together for a purpose.  That purpose was to discuss, amongst our little group, and with a group of other ladies, how beautiful we are as women.

We discussed how we believe that we are all daughters of God.  And that that in and of itself makes each of us beautiful and special.
We discussed how we all are born looking different and that we should love our appearance no matter what it may look like. But that we should also strive to take care of our bodies the best we can too.
None of us are the same and that's also what makes us beautiful.
We also discussed that keeping ourselves balanced physically, spiritually, and emotionally, helps us feel more beautiful and helps us live a more beautiful life.
I think when you know who you are and you know what a truly beautiful woman you are, you are able to live a more happy life.

You. Are. Happy.

And as many have said before, when mama is happy, everyone is happy.
And even if you're not a mother, if you are happy, people all around you are happy.
{You have a great effect on those around you.}
So taking care of ourselves is important for our families and those around us.

If painting your nails, dying your hair, or getting a facial makes you feel pretty and good about yourself, you should do it.
I really think feeling good about yourself helps you be a better mom, wife, woman, etc.

Also, making some time each week to do something you love rejuvenates your spirit and makes you happier and in turn more beautiful.
It could be exercising, reading a good book, going out for ice cream with some girl friends, sewing, crafting, gardening, or even blogging.  Whatever it may be, do something.  It will make you happy and in turn will make your family and those around you more happy.

After all our "talks" last week on finding beauty in ourselves, we each took turns having our picture taken on my sister in-laws gorgeous property in PA.  I felt kind of dorky posing for a picture by myself. 
But in the end, it was really fun.

And now that I'm home and I've just gotten back from a wonderful, rejuvenating week with "the girls"
I feel like I can say,
I am beautiful.
And I am happy.

when I feel good about myself,
I'm a better mother to my children,
a better wife to my husband,
a better sister and a better friend.

So don't ever hesitate
to take care of yourself and
to do something that you love each week.

It will bless those around you.

{Some of the inspiration from our girls week came from here:  http://mybeautycampaign.com/}


Mommy Minded said...

I love this post. You made me cry, in a good way. I needed this today. Thank you.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

This is such a wonderful post!! How lucky you are to have such a wonderful family of women!! It is so important for us, as mothers, to do things for ourselves. It really does enable us to be better moms. Thanks for sharing the photos. I absolutely love the one of all of you facing away from the camera. :)

~ Wendy

melanie said...

I love that you went to see and gather with women from your husband's family without him. That says a lot about what a great guy he is. I know he definitely has a beautiful wife! Sounds like a great, recharging getaway!

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Thanks for such an encouraging post! It's so true. As mom's sometimes we worry so much about others we forget about ourselves! I just found your blog & I'm now following you! In just the few posts I've read, I've left so inspired! :) Thanks! xo, Reannah

Amy Lynne said...

You look so alive! I love the last picture!

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