Aug 30, 2011

Celebrate the First Month Back at School with Apple Stix

Today, two out of my three kiddos went back to school. 
New teachers, some new friends, new curriculum, and new classroom rules.
Talk about a fun, but exhausting day.
So I decided to make an extra special after school snack to celebrate all their new fun experiences today... Rice Krispy apples on a stick, a.k.a. apple stix.

I made these almost exactly the same way I made Trix on stix.
Only these are made with Rice Krispy cereal instead of Trix and I added some red dye into the mix to color them red...-ish.  
Green gummy fruit slices were cut in half and pushed down onto the top of the Rice Krispy treat to look like a leaf.  And then the stick that you eat this yummy treat on acts as the apples looooooong stem.  :)
These treats were a huge hit for the kiddos when they arrived home today.  

Apple stix would also be a fun treat to serve at a fall party.
If you added orange food coloring instead of red, they could even be pumpkins!
Oh just think of all the possibilities!!!

Are your kids back at school already?
I'm excited to get back into a routine with school back in session.
But I'll admit, it feels a little quiet here with two of my kiddos gone all day and I miss them.

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Julia said...

Those are darling Robin!! We start in about a week and I think I will try and make these:). What a great idea!!


Jaime said...

Jealous! I still have one more week before school starts. You deserve Mom Kudos for the special treat, pretty sure I'll be soaking up the alone time doing something for me!

Emily said...

You are so creative! What a great idea. I'm a teacher, and we started last week. I think I may use your pumpkin stix idea in October with a pumpkin theme that month.

Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

These are so cute!! Great job! I'm a teacher and my kids {and I} go back next week! We'll have to try this yummy treat! :) I also wanted to share that I awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award on my blog today! I really enjoy reading your blog! Thank you so much! xo, Reannah

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