Sep 1, 2011

Hey There, September!

This big fella recently found it's way into our home from the garden.  
Last year our garden was full of pumpkins, so many that I was giving them away because I was running out of places to put them!
This year we may only be blessed with just this one. 
For some reason the bugs are getting to our pumpkins before we do and eating them {yuck}!
Can you believe it's September already?
Is it just me or does it feel like this month just appeared out of no where?
Don't get me wrong, fall is my favorite.
But because it took forever for it to feel like summer around here, it seems a little strange that fall is almost literally just around the corner.
But it's exciting nonetheless, so...
I celebrated this lovely new month by buying a small fall smelling candle at Walmart this morning.  
It's called Cinnamon Spice Cookies by Simple Living and was only a whopping 89 cents!
Cheap.  But it smells delish!
It's just what I need to put me in the fall mood!
How about you?  Are you ready for fall???


Jami said...

Ready and welcoming it! These sudden bursts of heat a just ridiculous :D.. That has got to be the most beautiful pumpkin I have ever seen! :D Great work, even if he is the only one that beat the bugs (sorry about that) :D

DeAnne said...

Yep! I think I am ready too :)

Luisa Rodríguez said...

Oh I love candles! Actually, I've just arrived from IKEA with a bag full of scented candles.

I loved this blog.. you're so talented! :P

Come visit me too is you have them time... Have a great week!

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