Sep 7, 2011

Apple + Peach Picking

Picking apples and peaches has become one of my most favorite fall traditions.
Earlier this week, I loaded my three year old in the car, picked up the older two after school got out, and headed to a local u-pick apple + peach orchard.  It was a good ninety degrees or more outside, but it was still so much fun.
This lovely lady was my fastest picker. {BTW, she got new glasses a few weeks ago.  So cute!}
{LOL. Don't be fooled by my little man's funny little face.  He was loving it out here!  But when I ask him to smile... this is what he gives me.}
My kiddos favorite apples to pick were the small "baby" ones because they thought they would be perfect for their school lunches.  I couldn't agree more.  That's my kind of "fruit snack". {hopefully my children don't read this because they would totally disagree.  :) }

 If you'd like to have the fun experience of picking your own fresh fruit, check out pickyourowndotorg  to find an orchard or farm near you.

p.s. - today I made peach cobbler out of some of my peaches using this yummy recipe.  {we all had seconds!}


tharker said...

So fun! (minus the 90+ degree heat)

Oh and I've never liked Peach Cobbler until I tried Paula Deen's. Oh, my!!!

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