Nov 16, 2011

A Month of Gratitude - Day 16

Day 16:  One on one time with my children.

My sweet eight year old daughter started her homework as soon as she got home from school.  She fell asleep in her bed last night with two pages of homework still undone.  {Talk about too much homework for someone this young!  But hey, that's just my opinion and a whole other topic for another day.}
I set my alarm early for the next morning.  The house was nice and quiet when I tiptoed up the stairs to her room.  I woke her up and told her that I would sit with her at the kitchen table while she finished her homework before school this morning.  I poured her a cup of hot cocoa...with marshmallows.  Although the reason we were up this early in the morning wasn't very fun, it was fun just being up together alone.  {She works faster when it's quiet too!}  She's such a sweet heart.  She's my first born and has the key to my heart.  I love having one on one time with my children.  I think it really helps us grow closer.


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