Nov 17, 2011

A Month of Gratitude - Day 17

Day 17:  Today I'm grateful for a silver lining. 
I found out early this morning that my facebook account has been hacked.  And because my personal familiy email is connected to my facebook account, it got hacked too.  I couldn't get into either.  I still can't.    So...needless to say, when all this hub bub gets completely taken care of {and we're working on it}, I will no longer be friends with facebook.  Although I'm sad about this, because I do love staying in contact with people through facebook, there is a silver lining behind it all. 
The amount of time I do spend online has been weighing on my mind.  {Not that it keeps me from getting things done or spending enough time with my family, but I could do better.}  Now that facebook is bye bye from my life {at least for a while}, I have one less excuse for being on the computer or online.  The time that I would have spent on facebook, I can now spend doing other more important productive things in my life.
Sometimes it's hard to find something good about something bad that happens.  But if you look hard, the good can be found.


DeAnne said...

This is a battle I fight often. I read one of the conference talks a few weeks back that discussed the topic of fb and other similar things. I don't remember who it was by, but it really struck a chord with me. In fact, I think I'll read it again soon! Do I have your cell#? I should get that from you.

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