Dec 13, 2011

A Collection of Christmas Crafts for Your Kiddos

Winter Break begins for my kiddos after school gets out this Friday. I'm soooo excited to have them all to myself for the next two weeks. I want to be prepared to have lots of fun with them during this long break, so today I've been doing some research on pinterest to find fun crafts to do together when we're at home.
Want a peak at what we'll be up to???

1. Christmas Cookie Puzzle via
2. Christmas Tree Cookies via
3. Christmas Tree Candy Cones via
4. Graham Cracker Houses via

5. Stick Stars via pinterest
6. Paper Snow Flakes via
7. Cardstock Paper Ornaments via
8. Twig Snowflakes via littlethingsbringsmiles

9. Snowglobe via
10. Paperplate Yarn Tree via being grown up
11. Glittery Christmas Playdough via artfulparent
12. Clothespin Airplanes via

I can't wait to scrounge around my house for supplies for all of these fun crafts and then shop for what I don't have. It should be fun! I'm looking forward to making lots of fun memories with my family as the rest of this year quickly winds down.


Robin said...

Looks like your going to have a great time. I'm loving the stick stars. may have to make a couple of my own.

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