Feb 10, 2012

Christmas Ornaments turned Valentine Garland

Yes you read that right. Christmas Ornaments turned into Valentine garland.
I went to Target a few days after Christmas to check out their Christmas clearance stuff.
The fun part about any of Target's holiday clearance, no matter what holiday it is, is that you can often find things for really cheap that #1 you could use all year 'round  for around the home or #2 you find things that you could easily incorporate into another holiday.  When I saw these felt heart ornaments I thought, "Yeah!  These would be perfect for Valentine's day!"  {And they're super cheap.  Score!} 

I bought two sets of three.  At 50% off, those two sets of ornaments cost me a whopping dollar!
I strung them with red and white bakers twine and called it good.  Super simple.

See our little dog in the corner by the fireplace there?  His name is Paco.  He was given to us about two months ago and he is seriously the most perfect well behaved dog ever!  We love him to pieces.

He even puts up with my girls including him in their "dress up time".
Pretty amazing dog, right?

So are you almost ready for Valentine's day?  We will be making some of these this weekend for my two oldest kiddos classmates this year.  I think they're adorable!


Brooke said...

This is so cute! I looked at this the other day and could have swore I commented?? How crazy, I must have had to get up suddenly and leave my computer or something without finishing my comment... huh, well anyways THANK YOU for your tip about the frosted lightbulbs! that's a great solution so that until I figure out if I want to add something to my lampshade, we won't be getting blinded! :)

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