Feb 7, 2012


These cold winter evenings have put me in the mood to create.

Creation number 1:  Woven Burlap Pin Board
The inspiration and tutorial for this board came from Emily at Jones Design Company.

It's a fast, simple, and inexpensive project.  {Right up my alley.} 

The two yards of burlap only cost around 4.50.  {Not too shabby.} 
Emily used a thrifted cork board to make her woven pin board.  Because I didn't have an old cork board hanging around the night I put this together, I decided to use something I did have on hand.  Cardboard. 
The cardboard edges didn't get cut perfectly straight, but in real life I promise they are not as skeewompis looking as they appear in these photos.

Creation number 2:  Re purposed Frame

I bought this frame with this "Families are Forever" print in it about five years ago.  At the time red was my favorite color to decorate in.  I still love red. 
But my decorating tastes have changed just a wee bit in the last couple of years and the red no longer matched anything I had around anymore. 

So I switched the print out with a scrap of this fun black and white chevron material.
I added the words "love more" to the bottom right hand corner with some scrap book supplies I had on hand.

I love it and currently have it hanging above my ironing board in my laundry room.
I hate ironing.  But having something lovely to look at while ironing, with an additional reminder to "love more," makes the chore a little more sweet. 

Some other things that have been going on around here recently...

I got a hair cut!
{I'm lov'n the new do but I can't stand that silly smirk on my face in this photo!}

And my youngest turned four.  {I'm still in shock that my baby is, well, not a baby anymore!}

I hope everyone is having a great week and finding some creative ways to stay busy during these last few cold weeks of winter!


Emily said...

Happy Birthday to your baby, and your hair looks awesome!

Heather said...

Love your blog. You have great taste. And yes we have similar cuts! Love yours and you aren't making a funny smirk. You look hot.

Julia said...

I love your new hair cut...it looks so great! The burlap board looks so neat and easy to make. Happy Birthday to your little one. What a sweet picture!


Makayla said...

Wow! Love how you can pull off so many looks. I can't believe she is 4 either. She's growing up too fast.

Brooke said...

I just made a pin board recently with cardboard too! Yours is adorable!! So is that frame that you used the scrapbook paper in. I decorated with red for a long time too, so now have spent the past few years phasing it out.
Oh my gosh, I am SCREAMING over your haircut- LOVE IT!!! So edgy and sexy and personally I like the smirk on your face! I love short hair, so just to force myself into a change, I vowed to grow my hair out the whole time my husband is in law school...(he just started, so I've got 2 1/2 years). Your cute cut is making me want to throw in the towel and go chop my hair off!!


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