Feb 28, 2012

Early Indoor Gardening

I am completely aching for spring + warmer weather + spending more time outdoors.

At a trip to the store earlier this month, I discovered that they'd just stocked their vegetable seeds and gardening pots.
They were calling my name.

So I bought some.

I may have started my gardening efforts a bit early for this year.


I think gardening is great for the soul; a fabulous way to chase away any of those seasonal winter blues.

Winter still may be here, I still may be sporting my nifty gray winter slippers around the house, but gardening has begun in full swing around this neck of the woods.

These plants should be good and ready to hit the outdoor garden spot once we can say good riddens to any signs of frost for the year. Can't wait!

Bonus to starting a garden early: Planting from seed is so much cheaper than planting a garden from the already half grown little plants you can purchase at any of those big box stores. So not only am I chasing away the winter blues, in the long run I'm saving some moola too!


DeAnne said...

I just checked out some books about gardening yesterday from the Library. I really have no idea what I am doing, but I really want a garden! Last year was our first try here and it was terrible! I don't know what we did wrong. Probably a lot of things. I've never tried starting seeds indoor though. Maybe I should look into that. And I am with you on the Spring fever. come on already!

Emily said...

I can totally relate about being ready for spring! I just planted my seeds yesterday in newspaper cups. I've never tried them before so we'll see how they works!

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Yessssssssssssssssss to Spring!! :)

I'm pulling out my Spring decor/Easter decor March 1st and I don't care what anybody says about it! ha ha

I need to be better about doing seeds... I just love going out to Mac's Nursery and getting my few annuals and veggies. I am not nearly as ambitious as you - you have that gorgeous big, productive garden!! I think I yielded 3 tomato's last year! ha ha

morrest1101 said...

We plan on doing a garden this year (like we have the last 3 years... sighs) and I'm bound to make it happen! And this look like the cheap route to go. I might have to look into this. =)

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