Oct 24, 2012

Basement Family Room Part II

We got carpet!!!
In the words of my seven year old son, "Boo-yah!"
The whole family is so excited to have this extra usable space down here.
After waiting and waiting for three years to finally make it happen, it's happened.  The carpet is in!
Every room in our home has needed a lot of tender loving care from the get go.
Unfortunately, this room just happened to be one of the last rooms on the list.

Now that the carpet is in, we are excited to add the base molding and other decorative molding on the bottom half of the walls.  Also in the plans:  a white wooden plank ceiling, molding around the fireplace, built-in book shelves, furniture, and other decorative accessories.
But all in due time my friend.
We take things slooow around here so we don't end up blowing the budget. 

And here's just one more look at the before.

Bye - bye ugly room.


KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Even cuter in person! ;) Thanks for the invite!

Linnae said...

Okay, that doesn't even seem like the same room! Way to go!

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