Oct 17, 2012

Basement Family Room

This week we are finally getting new carpet in our cozy little basement family room!
Woo hoo!!!
I am beyond excited!
A lot of little last minute projects have to get done in there first though, so we're running at full speed this week to make it all happen.
I have been looking forward to getting new carpet in this area of the house for over THREE years!  
About two months ago I got sick and tired of looking at the nasty 70's carpet you can see in the picture below.  
So I ripped that carpet out, cleaned the floors, and just primed the floors white.  
The floor was hard and cold, but it least it wasn't hideously ugly anymore, ha!

And now, the waiting game is over.  We'll have soft warm carpet just in time to enjoy during the cold winter months ahead.  (yeah!!!)

I'll be sure to share an "after" shot with you next week.


Candin said...

It looks so cozy and inviting now! Love the sweet accents on the fire place.

Lizziec9 said...

How did you paint your fire place??? We have to paint ours and I'm nervous bc I don't want to mess it up!

Keep Home Simple said...

Lizzie, there really was no fancy technique to painting our fireplace. We just painted it. :)
The hardest part was getting paint in all the cracks and on the mortar around the bricks. But you just have to keep twisting and dabbing your brush around until everything is covered. I think it only took two coats of paint and a few hours of labor to complete this project. Good luck on your fireplace!

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