Oct 12, 2012

Life Lately

{Watching my oldest through the window of the dance studio morph into a graceful little ballerina.}

 {It was a wonderful day this past week when we discovered 'wowbutter'.  One of my children is allergic to ALL nuts.  It's not so fun.  But this stuff tastes awesome ...like the real stuff and it has changed our lives for the better.}

{The hubs and I decided our whole family should be regularly trying to memorize new scriptures.  We work on it usually during dinner time.  We've almost got this one down pat.}

 {Chalkboard vinyl.  It rocks.  And if you buy a whole sheet of it, you can cut it into any shape you want and do all sorts of fun crafty projects.  So fun.}

 {I get to hang out with this cute little girl all. day. long. while my oldest two are in school.
 I love my baby girl.}

 {Learning to be a primary president for our ward (church congregation).  It's been a lot of work, but super fun to try to pull it all together.}

{I've been clearing out our summer garden.  Lots of green tomatoes.  I'm going to put them in a brown paper bag in my pantry and use them up when they turn red.} 

It's a wonderful life.

Happy Weekend Everyone!


Shelley said...

oh, i'm so thankful to know this green tomato tip! thank you! now i can do the same :) happy fall!

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

Love it all.. :) Miss you friend! It's always lovely knowing you are just around the corner enjoying the splendor of Fall and taking in the goodness of things like "You've Got Mail" and those final days of garden harvest. That's quite the pile of tomato's! :)

Linnae said...

Hey good luck with the new calling! I was just taken out of Primary presidency (one of the counselors) and now I get to play the piano in primary. It's a big change! Very busy, to very easy. Sort of makes me wonder if something else is coming down the road that I need to store up some strength for....:)

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