Oct 3, 2012

Uh Oh and Good Job

I am blessed with some really great kids.
I think, for the most part, they just came that way.  
But at times, they can use a little extra training.

A couple of weeks ago I found the idea of THIS "uh-oh" jar on pinterest posted by Hilary at Happiness Is...

Basically, if a rule is broken, or someone is whining too much, they get an "uh-oh", which is an extra chore to do.

I didn't have any extra cute jars laying around my house, but I did have some extra pails that I got from Target's dollar section last year.  
So I paired the pails with  some alphabet vinyl I bought at Target last week (found by the poster boards in the stationary dept.), and put my own "Uh-Oh" system into place.

Now when one of my children disobeys, I have to ask them to do something more than once, or they treat someone unkindly, etc., they pick a slip of paper out of the Uh-oh pail.

Some of these chores include:

Vacuuming the living room.
Wiping down baseboards.
Wiping down cabinets in the kitchen.
Dusting a room in the house.
Pulling a bag of weeds from the backyard.
Cleaning a toilet.
Cleaning mirrors.

The system is working great so far!  It's gotten to the point where all I have to say is, "Do you need an 'Uh-Oh'?"  And nine times out of ten they start doing what they are supposed to.

Along with the "Uh-Oh" pail, we also have a "Good Job" pail because I think it's very important to recognize good behavior too.  If I catch one of my children doing something kind for someone in our family or being extra thoughtful to try and help me out around the house, we let them pick a slip of paper from the "Good Job" pail.

Some of the things in here include:

A Quarter (they are all working hard to save for a special toy right now).
A piece of gum/candy.
A small little toy (i.e. a bouncy ball).
They get to stay up at night 15 minutes later than the other kids.
They get their back tickled for 10 minutes.

So far this system for good and bad behavior is working fantastic!  
We've had a lot less melt downs and disobedience.
All three of my children are constantly looking for ways to serve each other and are trying to be a little kinder. 
AND, it's been such an easy thing for my husband and I to implement here in our home.

I'm SO grateful to have found this little idea.  I (((big heart))) pinterest for all the mounds of inspiration I find on there.


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

great idea! thanks for sharing :)

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