Dec 3, 2012

A Christmas Tree's Journey

 A long anticipated drive out in the country to a lovely little Christmas tree farm.

Every tree in the running has to pass the sniff test.  Does it smell pine-y enough???

Is this the one?

 Yup.  It made the "cut"!

Old Blue carrying our fresh cut tree home.

The hubs takes care to trim the tree.

Husband strings the lights all through the branches and we all watch "White Christmas" as we decorate the tree as a family.

Our tree's warm glow makes our home both merry + bright.

Do you have your tree up yet?
Do you prefer real trees or fake trees?
Either way, aren't they just magical?


Candin said...

This is such a warm and happy little post. I loved getting trees from a christmas tree farm when I was little. I am definitely a real tree kind of girl. The smell just makes the whole home feel drenched in christams joy. Yall have a sweet little tradition.

KC and the Sunshine Kids said...

LOVE!! Nope, we haven't gotten our tree yet...we are waiting til this upcoming weekend! Last year we did it over Thanksgiving break and it was such a dry mess by Christmas I wound up tossing it out the day after Christmas!! ;) I really want to be able to enjoy our's til New Year's this year so we opted to wait a bit! Look's beautiful and festive at your home!! :)

Linnae said...

Yay for Christmas trees! We just got ours tonight--also from a tree farm. My oldest is sick though, so we did the extra quick version (i.e.--we took about 10 minutes to choose, so the tree has "character"-- LOL it's all good). I love pulling out the ornaments and remembering the stories behind them.

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