Nov 29, 2012

Christ Centered Countdown to Christmas

We are in full fledged Christmas mode around here.  Our tree is up, our stockings are hung, some of our Christmas cards have been sent, and our Christmas shopping is off to a good start.  We are giddy with excitement and every night as I'm tucking my three kiddos into bed I get asked, "Mom, how many more days until Christmas?"

The past couple of years, our family has counted down the days until Christmas using paper calendars filled with chocolate hidden inside little windows, red and green paper chains, or even tiny stockings filled with holiday activities to do or service to give to others.  
We've loved all of these.

This year, I decided I wanted my family to enjoy the anticipation of Christmas with a scripture countdown.  A way of being reminded everyday, what this special season is truly about.

I put together a sequence of scriptures that depict Christ's anticipation, birth + life.  

To put this together, I painted an old cork board I had on hand with stripes in two different shades of white. (I know it's kind of hard to tell in these dark pictures.)  Then I put number stickers on 25 tiny envelopes.  I pinned the tiny envelopes onto the board and stuffed them with tiny little cards with scriptures written on each one.  (The tiny envelopes, cards, and number stickers were all found at Hobby Lobby.)

I really hope that we can feel the true meaning of Christmas as we read these scriptures together each day.

I know we're just a few short days away from the first of December, but if you're interested in doing a scripture countdown for Christmas this year too, you are welcome to click on the link below for the list of scriptures I used.  

{*To keep things extra simple, you could even just write these scriptures onto strips of paper and make a scripture chain countdown.} 
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