Jan 17, 2013

Happy Things

The month of January can be rough.  The high of Christmas is over, it's sooo cold outside, and I'd just like to skip winter all together and head right into spring.  I miss the sunshine and I miss spending time outside.  But since we are still a few more months away from all the warmth and beauty that spring brings with it, I'm trying to keep my focus on other happy things.

Happy thing # 1:  My husband and I just celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary this month.

Happy thing # 2:  Lately, I get to find cute little horses hiding all over my house.   (My youngest is currently obsessed with all things horse related.)

Happy thing # 3:  THIS new-to-me useful tip (lemons can take away hard water stains).  I've tried it!  It's true!  It totally works!!!

Happy thing #4:  This song/video.  I feel so blessed to know who I am ...who we all are.


Happy thing #5:  I bought myself a sewing machine for Christmas and finally got around to making some cute curtains for our basement family room.

Happy thing # 6:  Reservations have been made for a fun Family Reunion this summer (and it includes horse back riding...my youngest is THRILLED about that part.)  It's so nice to have this checked off my to-do list and to have something to look forward to later in the year.

Happy thing # 7:  My "baby" turns five in less than two weeks!  It's kind of a happy/sad thing for me.  I'm so happy that she is healthy and getting so big, but I do miss that she's not a baby anymore and hardly even qualifies as a toddler anymore either.

Happy thing # 8:  Uplifting quotes like this one that help me not give up on my New Year's Resolutions ...or dreams in life.  (Never mind the finger prints all over the door.  Those are just a part of my happy life.)   :)

I hope all of you can find "happy things"  about your life too!
Happy January friends!


Shannon Rice said...

Congrats on the 11th year! And your kids are adorable!


Robin said...

What a lovely post. And your so right. . . it's good to focus on the happy things during the dark, gloomy, cold days of winter.

Congrats on your anniversary and I too have an obessed horse lover in my home so I hear you about the horses everywhere. Not the best thing to find with your feet if you know that sort of discovery! LOL.

Linnae said...

We're having a Snowflake Party this week, to help get us {me} through the mid-winter doldrums. It has helped--I've had fun planning things we can do inside and out that are snow related. Notice it's not in March. I am not on speaking terms with snow in March. And let's not even talk about April snowstorms!

Congratulations on 11 years! Hooray for marriage! :)

Melissa said...

Love the curtains! We are so excited for this summer too!

Makayla said...

Love the post and also love the temple silhouette on the mantle... Any chance you will find the time to do a tutorial? is it a plate?

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