Jan 11, 2013

Master Bathroom Makeover

Before we get started here with this Master Bathroom Makeover, you might want to listen to this song by Mindy Gledhill.  The first few lines rang pretty true in my life for about three years when it came to this lovely little master bathroom.  

Case in point:  No bathroom door.  For like the entire three years that we lived in this house. 

My kids nicknamed this bathroom the "scary bathroom" and the name fit nicely.
They would literally cry if we told them to use the toilet in here.

The shower was never usable because it was missing tile and the linoleum had seen better days. 
 A LOT better days.

Our renovation on this bathroom started in October and it took my husband and I less than two weeks to complete.

The After.

New Tile.

Same toilet ...but new toilet paper holder and new white tile around the base of the shower..

New Vanity and sink combo.  This thing had me at first sight.  I love it.  And not only is it pretty, but the cabinets are not very deep which allows us a bit more open space in this tiny bathroom.

I love the new mirror too.  It feels sleek and sophisticated.

The light above the mirror is actually a $35 outdoor light from Home Depot.
I love that it doesn't look like a typical bathroom vanity light.
It gives this room a little rustic personality.

We bought a fresh white shower curtain for our now usable shower.  I thought white would be the best option because it would make this tiny bathroom seem not quite so, well,
The color of the paint on the walls is Woodlawn Colonial Gray by Valspar.  The color doesn't show up great in any of these photos because it's overcast outside and I'm having to use the flash on my camera.  But I love the color because it's a really great sort of grayish-brownish color.  A little heavier on the gray side.

New White towels and towel hooks from Target.  Again, I chose white so this bathroom would feel more light and airy.

And gosh darn it, we finally have a new door for our bathroom too.  Woo hoo!
It's really nice to have one more room checked off our Renovation list.

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Julia C. said...

Just beautiful Robin! Wow...what a change...I am sure your kids all LOVE to use that bathroom now:).


DeAnne said...

Well done! It looks awesome!

Linnae said...

Yay for getting projects done! It's amazing what some basic changes and a couple weeks worth of hard work can do!

Craig Allen said...

We love this bathroom! Your idea to use an outdoor light over the sink is very clever. We especially love that it's from The Home Depot.

We pinned that photo on our Bathroom Designs Ideas and Inspiration board on Pinterest.

-Craig, from The Home Depot

Melissa said...

This looks amazing! You guys did a fantastic job. Can't wait to see it in person!

Makayla said...

Wow! Again! It looks so good. I love the light fixture in there. Way to step outside of the box and do it well. Can't wait to see it in real life.

Lida Swisher said...

I love the song! I don’t know, but it kind of sets my mood while reading your post. Made me a little perky. ^.^ Congrats on this, by the way! No more ‘Scary bathroom’ for the kids, only a chic washroom. Just like the song, ‘nothing could make me like it any better’. ;* -->Lida

Kate Saffle said...

Love the sink/vanity too! Where is it from?

Robin {keephomesimple} said...

Kate, the sink/vanity combo is from Home Depot. :)

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