Dec 7, 2013

Simple Tip - Box 'em Up

Hey there friends!  Did any of you spend the weekend getting some Christmas shopping done?  I am about 95% done and it feels soooo good to be nearing the finish line.  Now I'm just counting down the days until my family gets to open their gifts.  I can't wait to see the looks on their faces!  I LOVE giving surprises.  

I haven't shared any simple tips on this blog for a reeeealy long time.  But here's a little simple tip for this special time of year.  Maybe it's something you already do, but if not, it can save you some cash.  

Save your cereal boxes, cracker boxes, Costco boxes, etc. and use them to wrap up your gifts.  A lot of gifts I buy would completely give their surprise away if I just wrapped them without a box.  But by putting them in a cereal box first and then wrapping it, I can disguise the shape of the gift and my children are none the wiser.  And it's way cheaper than having to buy gift boxes.

Merry Christmas!


-Next week I'll be sharing a little makeover we've been talking about doing in our home for the longest time!  Built-in bookshelves by our fireplace!
I love the way they turned out!


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