Sep 18, 2014

A New Plank Wall in the Entry Way

 So I love white plank walls, do you?  I had a birthday last month and instead of asking for a mini shopping spree for clothes or something, I asked my husband if he wouldn't mind installing a plank wall in our entryway.  In case you forgot, or have never seen what the before picture of our entryway looked like, it was all orange shag and dirty and seventies looking.  Yuck.  Of course, since moving into our home five years ago, we had replaced the flooring, painted the walls, and opened up that mini stair wall on the left there, with a more open stair rail. 

But the plank wall brightened up this small space even more.  This picture above was after the planks (thin plywood cut into 5 3/4' wide planks) were glued and nailed in and one coat of white paint was applied.
Here is the plank wall all painted with most of the molding added around the edges, etc.  It's not perfectly finished yet (there's still a piece of molding missing on the right side), but I'm loving it.  The thin plywood we used, we purchased at Lowe's for just under fourteen dollars a sheet.  I think the whole project cost us around $150.00 total, which included the plywood, nails, paint, and molding.  Not bad.  It's one of my favorite birthday presents by far and I get to enjoy it everyday for years to come!


Michelle said...

This looks awesome!!! I LOVE it. It is a great birthday gift!! I love the board and batten going down the wall too!! Happy Birthday!

Linnae said...

That looks great! What a nice husband to get it done for your birthday. :)
Our stairwell looks very similar to your before picture, minus the orange carpet. I hadn't thought about making that side wall into a stair rail. I'll have to run that one by my husband and see what he thinks.

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