Feb 18, 2015

A New Stair Rail and Other Simple Changes

I'm blogging from my phone, right now, for the first time ever.  It's fast.  It's convenient.  And maybe, just maybe I'll find the time to blog more often if I do it this way.  We'll see.

So last time I blogged was Halloween day.  Since then, we've made a few house updates I wanted to share.  
I don't have a "before" shot of this area, but if you click on the "Our Fixer Upper" link on the right sidebar, you can see what this entryway originally looked like.  Just before Thanksgiving, my husband knocked down the seventies looking archway on the right of this picture, and replaced it with this more open, updated stair rail.  It opened up this space sooo much!  I wish I had the before picture right in this post to show you, but since I'm blogging from my phone and not my computer, I can't access it at the moment.  :(  But trust me, it's a huge improvement.

I recently replaced the white ikea curtains in our living room, with these gray and white grommet curtains from Marshalls.  (Man I love that place!)  They were like thirty dollars for the pair and I love the personality that classic stripes bring to a room.

I don't know if you can see them very clearly there, but those small white books on the bottom right are Chatbooks.  Have you heard of them?  I'd share the link here, but I'm not quite sure how to link things from my phone.   Anyway, they are pictures straight from my Instagram account, put into book form.  They include the date the pictures were taken and a little blurb about the picture. Best thing is that they only cost $6 for sixty pictures in a book.  And the best, bestest thing about them?  They've become my new easy way of scrap booking my family's life.  

Btw, you are welcome to follow me on Instagram.  My user name is keephomesimple.  I have a private account to keep my pictures safe from all the crazies out there, but don't hesitate to request to follow!

I recently cut some tiny boxwood branches for the vases on my mantle.  I'm trying to bring in as much green as possible to remind me that spring is on its way!  (Thank goodness!)

That yellow locker basket was a Target find.  It houses most of our family's scriptures.  We read together from them every morning, to start our day out right and invite the spirit into our home.  It makes such a difference in our family.  I can tell.

Did you know you can find cheap pillow covers on Amazon?  I got that black and white striped one and the chevron one, pictured above, for such good prices!  I love change when it comes to decor.  So changing a pillow cover every now and then is a cheap way to change things up when the mood strikes.

Hope everyone is getting through this winter ok!  We've been blessed with a whole week of sun recently and it's been such a blessing to my soul!
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