Mar 4, 2015

Placemat to Pillowcase

I spotted this placemat on clearance at Target about a month ago.  ($2.78)  I was drawn to it not because it was a placemat, but because I loved the simple stripe pattern. Then as I picked it up, I realized it's two layers of fabric sewn together!  If I unstitched one end, I could stuff the inside and viola, new pillow!  THEN, I was scrolling through Pinterest  one day and realized I wasn't the first one to discover how easy it would be to transform a placemat into a pillow case.  HA!  ;) 
But anyway, if you were like me and had never seen this done before, here's the super simple how to...

1.)  Unstitch one of the shorter ends of the placemat.

2.). Stuff a pillow form or pillow stuffing inside the placemat.

3.). Stitch the open end of the placement closed.  (I hand stitched it.)

This whole project took maybe twenty minutes and curbed my craving to create something new.  I love quick projects like this when life is so busy.  

Happy Wednesday! (We're half way through the week. Woo Hoo!)


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