Jun 23, 2010

4th of July Garland

The 4th of July is coming really soon and I am soooo excited!
It's one of my favorite holidays!

It may sound silly, but I get teary eyed each year just watching the 4th of July parade!
I feel so proud to be an American!
I love our country, our freedoms, and the courage and intellect that our forefathers had.

Unfortunately, I don't have very many decorations for the 4th of July.
So this year I wanted to make something that would be inexpensive, but also something that I could reuse year after year.
So I decided to make some garland for my fireplace.
(Really you could drape garland anywhere you like.)

Supplies needed:
1 sheet ea. of red, white, & blue felt
(all together the felt  cost me $1.00 at Michael's)
hot glue gun/hot glue

  First step:  Cut circles out of the felt.  I cut mine free handed and made all my red circles large, all my white circles medium, and all my blue circles small.

Next:  I wanted my circles to have some depth.  So I folded my felt circle in half and made 2-3 stitches about 1/5 of an inch up from the bottom of my fold.

Then I folded my felt circle in half the other way and sewed another 2-3 stitches.

This is what my felt circle looked like on the bottom after all my stitching was done.

...and this is what they look like from the top.

After all my circles were cut and stitched (I think I had about 11 of each color), I hot glued them to some twine and hung my garland on my fireplace!

As I mentioned here, my fireplace is a work in progress.
We moved into our fixer-upper-of-a-house one year ago and we still have tons of work to do.
Want to see a really scary before picture of our living room taken the day we moved in???

Are you sure???

I really hope you're sitting down.
It's super scary...

{June 2009}


We have big plans for this room.  Curtains, built-ins, moldings...
I could go on and on.
But all in due time.


Danielle said...

Your garland is sooo cute! That's a great idea and an easy one to make with different color combinations for any holiday. Your room is coming along beautifully :) Stopping by from Tutorial Tuesday!

Life in Rehab said...

You call that scary? Pfffffffffft.

LOVE the garland, that's super cute and very inexpensive!

the lovely paper blog said...

thanks for the tutorial on the garland! i love anything to do with felt (and paper)!!

and wow--you have done a lot to your home to improve it! even though you say its a work in progress, it looks so good!

i am your newest follower:)

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