Sep 21, 2010

Household Cleaning Schedule

I LOVE a clean, well functioning home.
Who doesn't?
A clean house feels

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I don't know about all of you out there, cleaning my house day after day after day, can sometimes feel REALLY tedious.

So sometimes I do really silly little things to motivate myself {or my children for that matter} to get all the little jobs done to make our house clean.

These are some of my motivators:

Racing the timer on the microwave
Taking a before and after picture of a room
Playing my favorite music in the background from
Inviting company over {cause who wants to invite people over to a messy house???}
and when all else fails, chocolate will do the job. 
{It's an excellent Hershy Kiss for each job that is completed!}

Well, the other day I decided that what might work even better {or with...cause I don't want to leave out the chocolate or the fun music}, is to come up with a household cleaning schedule.
Cause I'm also a list lover!
I love making to-do lists and crossing things off!!!

So I made this list of chores that needs to be done using Microsoft Excel, I printed it out, stuck it in some clear binder sleeves {what are they called???}, and taped it to the inside of my pantry door.  Because the list is in a clear sleeve, I can use a dry erase marker to mark off a chore that has been completed.  I can also erase all the marks when the week is over.

And by the way, I'm not the only person who is going to be crossing things off this list. 
It's important to involve the whole family because we all make the messes.

Anyway, I made four columns for my cleaning schedule.
**Click on the picture below for a larger view.**

The first column says "Daily".
This includes all the things that need to be done everyday {dishes, sweeping, etc.}.

The second column says "2 x A Week".
This is for things that need to be done twice a week {vacuuming, bathrooms, etc.}.
I assigned these tasks to a specific day.

The third column says "1 x A Week".
This is for things that need to be done once a week {mopping, dusting, etc.}.
I also assigned these to a specific day of the week.

The last column says "Monthly".
This is for those chores that don't need to be done as often, like something I might do during spring cleaning or something.
This can include things like washing windows, wiping the dust off of blinds or fan blades, etc.

I'm super excited about this new system I have in place and so are my kids!
They couldn't wait to go make their beds this morning so they could cross it off the list!

This idea is super super simple and can totally be done to fit your own household needs.

Happy Cleaning!!!
I've got to get up off this chair and go complete my list for today!
{I also have a piece of Dove chocolate that will be waiting for me when all my jobs are done...wink, wink!}

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