Feb 11, 2011

Budget-Friendly Inspiration (Week-3)

I have had a really busy week this week {that's why the lack in posts}, but life is good.
I'm grateful that I get to be a busy mom on the go.
But I'm really looking forward to this weekend.
And this is why.

My husband is working the entire weekend.  Three 12 hour shifts.  Lucky him. 
{Can you hear the sarcasm?} 
Normally on the weekends he works, I tend to get a little sad and a little depressed because we don't all get to hang out and relax together as a family.
BUT this weekend I'm excited that he's working becaaauuuuuse...
while he's gone I'm going to give our bedroom a little mini makeover as a little pre-Valentine surprise.
It's one of the only rooms in our whole fixer-upper house that hasn't hardly been touched.
I'm hoping to get the kids' help too.
I'm crossing my fingers that things will go smoothly and I'll have some pictures to post about our little weekend makeover on Monday.
We will see!

On to this week's budget friendly inspiration...
these were my favorites for this week.
I'm in love with each one of them!
If you'd like to find out more about one of these projects, click on the link below the picture.

I hope you all enjoy your pre-Valentine weekend!

Felt Rose Hair Pins

Free Printable
{You even get to chose what color you want it in!}

 Snow Ice Cream

Valentine's Waffles

 Gift Wrapping Wallpaper
{shabby nest}

Dollar Store Pillow

DIY Large Area Rug

DIY Photo Ledge
{our humble abode}


Aimee said...

Thanks so much for featuring my printables! What an honor! :)

Emily @ Finding My Aloha said...

Thanks for the feature Robin! I love everything you highlighted!

angie said...

thank you so much for featuring my snow ice cream! you should try it - i was surprised at how yummy it was!!

rebecca said...

thanks so much for featuring my valentine's waffles and I'm so happy to find your cute blog! :) Rebecca

Erin @ The Little Apartment said...

I love the rug idea.. thanks for pointing the way to that one!

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