Sep 19, 2011

Bathroom Molding ~All By Myself!!!

My husband has been pretty busy the last couple of months restoring this '66 Chevy Truck...

and this '71 Super Beetle.
They are both ugly beasts now but I know with some imagination, money, and a lot of hard work, they are going to be awesome.
Anyway, in the meantime, while all this car fix'n is going on, not a lot of house fix'n has been happening on our lovely fixer upper. So I've decided to tackle a few "simple" house projects on my own, without the help of my very handy husband. :)

...starting with the bathroom.
Our main upstairs bathroom was uuuuuuuugly when we first moved in.

Case in point:
{that's my little boy helping his daddy install some new flooring in this bathroom, over a year ago.}

Warning:  some very yellowey pictures are about to follow.
Over a few months, this bathroom began to improve.
One thing we decided to do was to take the door off of the linen closet in the bathroom to make the room feel larger and more open.
It was a great idea but it wasn't very pretty to look at without the addition of molding around the opening of the closet.

So during the last couple of weeks, I devised a plan, bought the molding, cut the molding, installed all the molding + a bottom shelf, sanded, painted, and caulked.

And I can still hardly believe that I did it by myself.
{It didn't hurt that I've watched my husband do this kind of stuff about a billion times though and kind of learned from that.}
Anyway, I'm really happy with how it turned out... and so is my husband.  {maybe partially because he didn't have to do it himself, ha!}
I think I have a little more confidence to tackle another handy dandy home improvement project in the near future too. :)


DeAnne said...

that looks amazing! I need to learn how to do a few things on my own. Such as mud/sand walls. If I could do it myself my bathroom would be done by now!!!! (can you hear the impatience in my voice?) grrrr

Good job! I am impressed!

Julia said...

It looks beautiful Robin!! Great job! I would like to put molding around all of the windows in our home in that same style. It looks lovely in your bathroom:).


Robin said...

Great job Robin. Looks fabulous. What are you going to work on next?

Carli said...

I LOVE moulding and trim! You did a great job1

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