Sep 24, 2011

A Good Quote to Live By

I am loving pinterest.
Most of all, I'm loving all the inspiring quotes I'm finding on there.

This one seemed to hit me big time this week as I've been struggling to see past the imperfections of my life.
I wrote it on my chalkboard pantry door.
{...a door I see A LOT everyday :)  }

It has really helped me to think about all the blessings I DO have in my life
right now, instead of always looking for a better tomorrow.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  :)


Julia said...

That is a WONDERFUL quote....I am going to write it on our chalk board, too! Thanks for sharing it:).


life:styled said...

I adore this. What great perspective. It is something all too easy to forget isn't it? Thanks for sharing, and your cute chalkboard door. I want to do this now! :)

DeAnne said...

I'm pretty sure I need this quote in a permanent spot in my home.

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