Sep 14, 2011

I'm Pinning :: Are you???

I'm sure Pinterest is something a lot of you already are addicted to use.  {If not, find out more here.} 
Before Pinterest came along, I used to have my own way of saving inspiring pictures, ideas,and sites from the internet.  Then I discovered pinterest .........and was stubborn and didn't really want to join the whole pinning bandwagon.  But eventually I gave in and I love it!!!  It's so easy and it's so fun to see what other friends are pinning too!  Here is a sampling of what I'm been "pinning" lately:

{pinterest} :: from
LOVE this kitchen.  It's soooo cozy + pretty.

{pinterest} :: from
Gorgeous traditional style home.  Plus that car is pretty sweet too. :)

{pinterest} :: from
I love the map trend going on, but this project is one of the best I've seen so far.  Both cute + sentimental.
Love it!  It says, "we met :: we married :: we live".

{pinterest} :: from
I'm in the process of making yet another bookwreath for my house and I bought exactly what this girl suggested for the wreath form.  Check it out!

{pinterest} :: from
Wooden Pallets turned bookshelf. {painted}
This is definitely one of my upcoming projects for my sons room.  Maybe in red.  Hmmm...

{pinterest} :: from
Fun + simple up-do.  Can't wait to try it out!

{pinterest} :: from
This is one of my all time favorite quotes by Mother Teresa.
I love that it's been turned into a piece of pretty subway art.

{pinterest} :: from
Cookie witch hats for Halloween.  Cute + yummy.

{pinterest} :: from
Christmas is a few months away still, I know.  But it's not too early to get inspired.
I love this north pole cupcake idea.

If you would like to follow me on Pinterest, there is a red "Follow me on Pinterest" button on my right side bar.  It would be so fun to share pins and see what you're up to too!!!


Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

i was hesitant at first, like you, and now it is my total nap-time hobby. :) i am'll be following you!

Shelly said...

I started pinning a couple months ago and I'm a bit addicted. It's just so much fun to look at!

DeAnne said...

Shoot. I just jumped on the pinning bandwagon too! I don't really know what I am doing on there though. I am going to make those bookshelves that you have pictured in your post. The ones by little lucy lu. I saw them over at and I just went out and got 4 free pallets to use. I am pretty excited! It's so fun to make cool stuff on a budget!

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