Oct 2, 2011

Nice Neighbors are the Best

So it's no secret, here on this blog, that my home is a fixer upper.  {And one of these days I'll get around to creating a link that shows all the before and "in-progress" photos of all the different rooms in my home.}  But one of the reasons my husband and I chose our fixer upper, verses a new build, was because of the area that the home was in and the nice, well established neighbors that would surround us.  Seriously, they are the best.  Totally down to earth, nice, caring people.  I love that.

This weekend I had plans of going with the whole family to a local u-pick pumpkin patch.  Each of us would be able to pick out our own perfect pumpkin, that at the end of the month, we would get to carve into a jack-o-lantern.  In addition to picking out perfect pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, I was going to pick out some fun lumpy gourds to use as fall decorations around our home.  

However, I made these plans in my head before I realized it was General Conference this weekend.  
{One of my favorite weekends of all time!  How could I forget?}
So the pumpkin patch trip was put off until later this next week, {and I promise I'll show you what we end up picking :) }.
Fortunately though, I have such sweet neighbors.  One of them, not even knowing beforehand that we had cancelled our plans of going to a pumpkin patch, dropped by with a whole grocery sack full of those little pumpkins pictured in the bowl on my kitchen table above.  These pumpkins are so small, that at first I thought they were fake.  But they aren't.  My neighbor grew them right in her very own backyard!

I love the addition of fall that these pumpkins bring to my small "in-progress" dining room.  
I am also so grateful for such a thoughtful and attentive neighbor.  
I hope my family can be as charitable to all our neighbors as they are to us. 


Julia said...

What sweet neighbors! I love those little pumpkins...they look so festive in your pretty bowl:).


Kerri said...

Kind neighbors are the best!
I love the simplicity of your diningroom. The pumpkins are the perfect centerpiece!

Melissa said...

I love those pumpkins! Have fun at the pumpkin patch next week! ;)

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