May 16, 2011

Budget-Friendly Inspiration

Hey everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend!
Mine was filled with t-ball games, hanging out with good friends, cleaning my house, going to church, and spending lots of time with my family.
AND we got a HUGE downpour of rain Saturday night.
{The kiddos thought it was the coolest thing ever!}
Anyway, I'm back again with some amazing budget-friendly inspiring projects
that I wanted to share with you.

I've put several of these on my
{Anyone else have a list like that???}

Click on the link below each picture if you want to find out more about each project.

This. Is. Amazing.
This art piece was made using toilet paper rolls!!!

Wouldn't it be sooo fun to throw a candy land party and make these giant lollipops!
You could easily make these using large balloons, clear wrapping paper and cheap PVC pipe!
So fun!!!

Sunburst mirror.
Amanda got this look using those FREE paint sticks you can get where ever you buy your paint.
This just proves that lovely wall art does NOT have to be expensive to be beautiful.
Love this idea.

I'm in love with the idea of displaying children's books so they can actually see what books they have instead of just seeing the spine of each book they have.
Chris gives a great tutorial on these little book shelves.
They would be so cheap + inexpensive to make.
I'm putting this project at the top of my someday-I-want-to-make-this list.

This was a shirt bought on clearance for $1.00
Then she used another shirt to add some style to it.
So cute!!!!

Having a picnic or a pool party this summer?
Go to the link below the picture and you can print off these water bottle labels for FREE!

Well, that's all for now!
Have a great week you guys!


saraH said...

Oh thank you for featuring my shirt and letting me know about it! and I love that candy land party idea and the book shelves too, I want to make that! and yes i have that same exact list haha. :)


Ruth said...

Great ideas! I just had a Candy Land party for my son, inspired by the same magazine article, and it was very fun.

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