Aug 30, 2012

Redecorating Our Masterbedroom on a Small Budget

A few weeks ago I shared a sneak peek of some simple redecorating I'd done in our master bedroom.  Seriously, it's nothing big or over the top.  Nothing that's never been done before.  
But it felt so refreshing to have some new things to brighten up the space a bit.  
For us, the master bedroom decor has always been something that, for the most part, got put on the back burner. This is the general idea of what we had before:

There's nothing terribly wrong with this picture.  But the bedding, etc. was over ten years old and the rest of it was just not our style anymore. Also, a few months ago we changed master "bedrooms".  What used to be downstairs is now upstairs. 

So, over the summer, I saved up my extra spending money to make this new space a little more current and a little more "us".  I don't think I spent more than $180 fluffing this room up.  I will try to share sources and prices with you throughout this post just to give you an idea of how inexpensive this room redo was. 

This is the overall look of the master bedroom now:  

Same lamps.  Same bed.  
The bed was made by my husband from old decorative ceiling beams from our basement and then painted white.

New white bedding.
(from this place online)
I have always quietly wished for white bedding.
As soon as I found this down alternative white comforter I was sold.  Sold on the look and sold on the price. It was such a great deal and even included free shipping!
The white sheets and pillow covers came in a set from Walmart for under twenty dollars.  Another great deal.

The only real "color" added to this room re-do was in the pillows on the bed.  Navy blue and orange were the colors I kept leaning towards.  I never found anything I really liked in this color combination at any big box stores.  But I was able to find exactly the look I wanted on Etsy and at our local Goodwill.
The two navy blue and white chevron pillow covers were from this cute Etsy shop and at $22.00 for the pair I was smitten!
The round orange pillow was a great bargain at Goodwill for just two dollars! ( I just made sure to give it a good gentle wash in the washing machine before I put it on our bed.)  :)

On the wall to the right of the bed, I hung a homemade framed chalk board (made from a thrift-ed frame & chalkboard paint).

I know chalkboards have been around forever, but I just love them.
I think the frame cost around $8.00 and I already had the chalkboard paint.
So it was really easy and cheap to make.  

And just in case you haven't already seen enough chalkboard tutorials out there, maybe I'll show you sometime later how I made this one (if anyone is interested).

The gray basket weave curtains are from Target.  
I had a five dollar off coupon for these, making it an even sweater deal!
I love gray, as do a lot of people these days, and the texture of these curtains I think is beautiful.
I have to share with you though that last month when I was at Target deciding between these curtains and another gray pair, my nine year old daughter said, "I like them, but the material reminds me of old-man-grandpa pants."  Which is kind of true, ha!  But I love them anyway.

The bedside tables on either side of our bed are actually bar stools!  Can you believe it?  I would never have imagined using bar stools as small tables next to a bed before, but they work pretty great actually.  They were given to us by some good friends of ours who were no longer using them.  The tops of the stools were a light green, which didn't match the whole look I was going for. So I painted the tops gray with some left over paint I had on hand and now they totally work with the rest of the space.

The round basket on the floor I use for books that I like to read at night.  It was another great Goodwill find at only a whopping $3.00.

Our master bedroom is far from perfect.  The carpet is old and still needs to be replaced, but having a few other pretty things in the room helps distract me from that.  And at the end of a long day, I actually like coming into this room, so I would say this little makeover was a success!

Oh...and before I forget.  The black round mirror shown in the picture at the top of this post was another addition to the room found at Walmart for $20.00.  

So ...if you ever want to make over a room, but you're on a small budget, don't let that stop you from making any changes.  If you are patient and take your time to find the right deals, you can find them.  Those deals may come from a combination of big box stores, thrift stores, Etsy, or perhaps from somewhere else online.  It doesn't really matter.  What matters is that it can be done!


Letting Fear Go said...

Your room looks really nice. I like your neutral decor with a pop of color. Thanks for sharing!

Jessica @ This Blessed Life said...

I think you did a great job! Our room is totally last on the list, too. :)

Julia said...

It is just plain lovely Robin. You are amazingly talented and WOW you find the deals!! I love it!


Katie said...

Love this so much! Our master has been so neglected since we bought our house...this makes me want to decorate! Where did you get the long shelf above the bed?

Unknown said...

First time to your blog and this is right up my alley. Really love the detail and window treatments.

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