Mar 5, 2017

A Book to Read: The Dating Experiment

Have you ever noticed that if you're having a hard time in your life and you take on an opportunity to serve, that you begin to feel a lot better?  I have had several of these kinds of experiences, even within the past month!  I've been so grateful for them!

So I have this friend, Elodia, that I've known since high school.  We even roomed together in college for a couple of semesters.  She is one of those friends who is beautiful, talented, great with words, super kind, and can put together the cutest thrift store outfits.  You just feel cooler being around her.

Elodia is also a great writer.  Her fourth book has just recently been published and I'm so excited for her!  I just finished reading it.  It's called "The Dating Experiment".  It's one of those clean, funny, romantic, girly, young adult to adult books that hooks you right away.  I couldn't put it down and I read the whole thing in less than twenty-four hours.  (Those are my favorite kinds of books!)  

So back to the service thing, the main character in this book, "The Dating Experiment", has a string of bad luck in her life.  Things start to turn around for her when she turns her heart towards others and is inspired by a girl she meets in a hospital.  This sick girl in the hospital inspires others to serve in order to find true happiness, through a project she calls "Good Little Anything."  She challenges people to find any little way they can to help serve and lift others around them.  It could be a smile to a stranger, loaning out a favorite personal item to a friend, or cheering up sick children in a hospital.  In her own little way, she ends up inspiring many of the people around her to look outside of themselves to find happiness.  In addition to this book inspiring us to find happiness in serving others, it also has the sweetest, often complicated, love story.  You get to follow the main character Gabby, along her persona,l sometimes rocky, young adult life.  Her life will make you laugh, cry, and sometimes just feel really embarrassed for her!  

If you're part of a book club or want to start a book club, this book also includes questions at the end that would be great in this type of setting.  I invited Elodia to guest post a little bit about herself.  I know you'll love her as well as her book. Check out the end of this post to find out where you can purchase "The Dating Experiment."


"First things first. It is such a joy to be visiting this lovely blog today! I have been friends with the fun, thoughtful, creative blogger since high school. She’s danced with me to The Spice Girls and seen me in many a 90s thrift-store outfit. Thanks for having me, Robin!

Now. Let’s talk home. Home for me is a lot of things. It’s where I cook, where I sleep, where I tell myself this is the year I will plant a garden. It’s also where I write. I know a number of writers who attend writing retreats or go to libraries or schools or even restaurants to write. (One of my favorite authors writes at her local Texas Whataburger.) I consider myself fortunate that on most days, I get to write on a dedicated desk in a designated office. And even more fortunate to have a few favorite things that make this life a little bit simpler.

Here are those things in no particular order:

Coconut oil: I buy the big tubs at Costco and use the oil for everything. My dry lips, my dry hands, and homemade granola.  The stuff is practically magic.

My thrift store aerobics step: Yep. Still shopping at thrift stores. I found an early 90s step (still in the box, and complete with an extra riser) for $5. A lot of times I get my best ideas while doing things other than sitting down typing. This step, along with a few bookmarked YouTube workouts, make the perfect addition to my office.

La Croix (all the La Croix!): Though there is MUCH debate over how to pronounce the name of this stuff, I LOVE it. It’s simple. Just bubbly water with natural flavor. No sugar or any of that stuff. I especially love the Cherry Lime. And the Coconut. And the Cran Raspberry.

Target yoga pants: Oh my dear, sweet, Target yoga pants. The athleisure thing happening in fashion today is an at-home worker’s dream. Target has the best boot cut yoga pants around, and I hope they never, ever discontinue them. If they ever did, I might be tempted to hold that cute little dog for ransom.

A framed picture of Jesus: I write for a lot of reasons. The feeling of getting lost in a story. The amazing moment when I see the book in print for the first time. But, at my core, I write because I believe in God and I believe in His Son Jesus Christ and I want to use any and all gifts I have to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. To bring a little bit of joy into the world.

And boy am I glad to have some great things to make the journey all the more enjoyable!"


 *Purchase "The Dating Experiment" at the following locations or online HERE on Amazon.

  • Ingram
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Seagull Book
  • BYU Idaho
  • San Juan Record
  • The Lyon's Den
  • The Book Table
  • Cardston Book Shop
  • Book Barn
  • Pritchards' Book Nook
  • Generations LDS Bookstore


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